David’s Favorite Movies – Half Way Through 2018

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The first blog post on the Piecing It Together website seemed like an appropriate place for me to post my annual half way through the year Best of the Year listing. This will also be a test to make sure I’m setup properly for blog posts and it doesn’t try to send this out as some kind of weird podcast episode haha.

Anyway, It’s July 1st… And that means we’re half way through 2018. My movie ranking list will undoubtedly change throughout the rest of the year as there’s plenty of great movies on the horizon, and there’s plenty of movies from earlier in the year that I didn’t get a chance to catch… And also as movies sit with you, they tend to grow and change and you start to appreciate them more (or less)… But as of right now, this is how everything ranks.

A few notes before we get to the list… First of all, this is a list of only the movies I saw in the theater. No movies I saw at home. I’ll decide at some point whether or not I’ll include those in my final list for the full year in December. Although you can rest assured knowing that Netflix’s The Cloverfield Paradox and Mute, two of the biggest disappointments of the year for me would have been all the way on the bottom haha. Also, this list does not include any movies that were released in 2017 and were part of the conversation in 2017, but I just either didn’t get to until 2018 or they hadn’t spread into full wide release yet.  Festival appearances don’t count towards that rule… So something like Thoroughbreds that played at Sundance 2017 still counts for 2018 since it wasn’t actually released until this year.

Without any further ado… My ranking of all 36 movies I saw in the theater so far in 2018 (with links to the ones we’ve covered on Piecing It Together).

  1. Isle Of Dogs
  2. First Reformed
  3. Thoroughbreds
  4. Hereditary
  5. Rampage
  6. Deadpool 2
  7. Avengers: Infinity War
  8. You Were Never Really Here
  9. Tully
  10. Ready Player One
  11. The Hurricane Heist
  12. Best F(r)iends Vol. 1
  13. Black Panther
  14. A Quiet Place
  15. Upgrade
  16. American Animals
  17. Disobedience
  18. Super Troopers 2
  19. Blockers
  20. Annihilation
  21. Game Night
  22. Sicario: Day of the Soldado
  23. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  24. Best (F)riends Vol. 2
  25. Red Sparrow
  26. Oceans 8
  27. Death Wish
  28. Hostiles
  29. Tag
  30. Tomb Raider
  31. Pacific Rim: Uprising
  32. Den of Thieves
  33. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  34. Early Man
  35. The Commuter
  36. Gringo
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