Ready Player One (Featuring Will Hines)

On the 7th episode of Piecing It Together, co-host Will Hines and I discuss the return to blockbuster filmmaking that is Steven Speilberg’s Ready Player One. Adapted from the beloved novel by Ernest Cline, this adventure features Virtual Reality, Pop Culture and non-stop fun. Puzzle Pieces (Inspirations) include Tron, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, The Goonies and The Last Starfighter.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Ready Player One.

Will Hines (aka Knoxx Prime) is a music producer and is also known for pioneering the Wii storage hack. I also owe him a huge apology for not having seen The Last Starfighter.
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The song at the end of this episode is “Escape” from David Rosen’s album Further Into The Dark

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About the Author
David Rosen is an award-winning music composer and producer who composes music for film and TV as well as his albums of instrumental music. He also hosts the Piecing It Together podcast and is the co-host of the Bird Road Podcast here on the All Points West Network.

4 comments on Ready Player One (Featuring Will Hines)

  1. t.g. says:

    well, did you watch Last Starfighter yet?

    1. David Rosen says:

      Nope! I really should one of these days…

      1. t.g. says:

        duuude…jk. finally watched RP1….i dug it….you guys dug it more,’re both downright giddy here. great episode and i like this Will guy, too.

        1. David Rosen says:

          To be honest I barely remember it at this point haha, but at the time I was pretty psyched. And Will can be infectious when he’s into something haha

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