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LIVE SHOW – September 22nd in Glendale, CA

On Thursday, September 22nd at 7pm at LOOK Dine In Cinema in Glendale, CA, after a free screening of Searchlight Pictures’ SEE HOW THEY RUN hosted by Cinema Week, the Piecing It Together Podcast will discuss the films that may have been the inspiration for director Tom George and writer Mark Chappell in coming up with this throwback murder mystery whodunnit.

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Las Vegas Film Critics Society 2021 Award Winners

The Las Vegas Film Critics Society has selected their 2021 Award Winners. As the Critics Society that I get to vote in, I figured I’d share the winners here on our website for anyone who wants to check them out. Any of these we covered on Piecing It Together are linked to their respective episodes.

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2021 Oscars Coverage Round-Up

Today’s the day! The 93rd Academy Awards, celebrating a very, very strange but still awesome year for movies. Below are links to all of our coverage of Oscar nominated films from 2020. We didn’t cover everything that’s nominated, but if you’re catching up on the nominees, you should catch up on our conversations about the films that may have inspired them.

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2020 Movies – A Full Ranking

So by now hopefully you already listened to our special episodes on the Top 10 Narrative Films of 2020 (featuring Josh Bell and Jason Harris from Awesome Movie Year) and the Top 5 Documentaries of 2020 (featuring Jason Harris). Next up is another special episode featuring Josh Bell where we’ll be looking at our Top 10 First Time Watches of 2020 (older movies we watched for the first time). But first up, as I always do, my full ranking of all the new release movies I watched in 2020.

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2019 Movies – A Full Ranking

It’s that time of year again… Time to rank ALL the new release movies I saw in 2019. It’s a somewhat silly thing to attempt and quite frankly, once you get past #20, it all becomes kind of meaningless… But it’s always a fun thing to do.

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Las Vegas Weekly Article

In case you missed it over on our social medias, the Las Vegas Weekly did a feature on me this week. Written by Leslie Ventura, it talks about all of the podcast work I’ve been doing with Piecing It Together as well as Bird Road, Awesome Movie Year and the upcoming All Rice No Beans.

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LIVE from Sin City Horror Fest Wrap-Up

This past Sunday, September 15th Piecing It Together held its first live recording of the podcast during the 3rd annual Sin City Horror Fest. Film-critic Josh Bell of Awesome Movie Year Podcast and filmmaker/festival co-creator Drew Marvick joined me to discuss the shot-on-VHS horror-comedy, The Head. The film’s writer/director Michael Keene also joined us to talk about the film’s influences.

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2019 So Far (A Full Ranking)

Hopefully you’ve already listened to my great conversation with Josh Bell about our Top 10 movies of 2019 (so far). But as promised, this blog post has a full ranking of all the 2019 releases I’ve seen this year. The ones that we covered on the show are clickable to take you to the episode, so make sure to watch these movies and then go give the episodes a listen!

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2018 Movies – A Full Ranking

As I always do, I’ve kept a running list of all the movies I saw this year… And ranked them all in order. We just did a Top 10 Movies of the Year Special Episode of the Podcast too which you definitely should listen to, but without further ado, here are all the movies I saw this year, in order (personal preference, not trying to rank them critically).

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David’s Favorite Movies – Half Way Through 2018

The first blog post on the Piecing It Together website seemed like an appropriate place for me to post my annual half way through the year Best of the year listing. This will also be a test to make sure I’m setup properly for blog posts and it doesn’t try to send this out as some kind of weird podcast episode haha.

Anyway, It’s July 1st… And that means we’re half way through 2018. My movie ranking list will undoubtedly change throughout the rest of the year as there’s plenty of great movies on the horizon, and there’s plenty of movies from earlier in the year that I didn’t get a chance to catch… But as of right now, this is how everything ranks.

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