Photo by Gina Mizzoni Photography

Piecing It Together is a podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what other movies may inspired it.

Created by award-winning music composer and film lover David Rosen, the show started as a way for David to talk movies with his friends. Rather than just do a regular movie news or review show, he wanted some kind of angle to approach discussing films from, and when he realized he usually describes a film as x meets x meets x meets x… He was already on his way to forming the theme of the show.

Rather than have a constant co-host, he opted to have a revolving cast of co-hosts to keep things fresh and exciting, and also because he has a lot of people he loves talking movies with! Over time he hopes to continue expanding to have more co-hosts, we well as episodes with multiple co-hosts.

For now, he just wants to keep talking movies and keep making episodes while continuing to make Piecing It Together bigger and better.

David Rosen is also co-host of the Bird Road Podcast with his best friend and sometimes Piecing It Together co-host David Quinones (he’s also his boss here at the All Points West Network so we had to include this paragraph or we’d risk getting fired).