Night Swim (Featuring Jacob & Ben Burghart)

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On the 366th episode of Piecing It Together, Jacob & Ben Burghart join me to talk about Night Swim. One of 2024’s first movies is finally out on streaming, so we can finally throw this episode in the pool. Puzzle pieces include Lady In The Water, Cat People, Lights Out and The Ring.

We also talk about Jacob & Ben’s new film Head Count, a great crime thriller available on rental! Check it out at

And check out Jacob’s Letterboxd list of “Creepy Indoor Pools” at

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Night Swim and the movies we discuss!

Written by Bryce McGuire

Directed by Bryce McGuire

Starring Wyatt Russell, Kerry Condon, Amelie Hoeferie, Gavin Warren, Rahmuna Panthaky

Blumhouse / Universal

Jacob & Ben Burghart (collectively known as the Burghart Brothers) are filmmakers whose latest film is the excellent Head Count, available now on VOD.

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