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Night Swim (Featuring Jacob & Ben Burghart)

On the 366th episode of Piecing It Together, Jacob & Ben Burghart join me to talk about Night Swim. One of 2024’s first movies is finally out on streaming, so we can finally throw this episode in the pool. Puzzle pieces include Lady In The Water, Cat People, Lights Out and The Ring.

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January 2024 Trailers (Special Episode)

On this special episode, Jason Harris joins me again to talk about some upcoming movies. We use the usual puzzle pieces format on some trailers for movies that are coming out in January 2024. This month’s episode includes Society of the Snow, Night Swim, Good Grief, Mean Girls, The Book of Clarence, Role Play, Self Reliance, Lift, Which Brings Me To You, I.S.S., Millers Girl and The Beekeeper.

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