Jamie Marks Is Dead (Featuring Chad Clinton Freeman)

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On the 2nd episode of Missing Pieces, Chad Clinton Freeman joins me to talk about 2014’s Jamie Marks Is Dead. A classic story of boy meets girl, boy meets ghost, ghost falls in love with boy and girl. It’s a very unique coming-of-age film, and one I hadn’t even heard of until Chad brought it to my attention. Puzzle pieces include American Beauty, Twilight, Time Bandits and Carrie.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Jamie Marks Is Dead and the movies we discuss!


Writer / Director – Carter Smith

Starring Noah Silver, Cameron Monaghan, Morgan Saylor, Brett DelBuono, Fred Tolliver, Liv Tyler, Judy Greer

Gravitas Ventures

Chad Clinton Freeman is the founder of the Pollygrind Film Festival and is currently helping plan the Ironton Wizardfest. He’s also the only person I know who sees more movies than me.

Follow Chad on Twitter at @pollystaffle

MISSING PIECES is a side series of Piecing It Together where we look at a movie from the last 3-30 years so that we can cover some films that came out before the creation of our podcast. Unlike a regular episode, my guest gets to pick a movie, and we also look forward to any movies that came after that it may have itself inspired as well. We started this side series during the theater shut down of 2020 and will continue it as long as there is a lack of new theatrical releases to cover.

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