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The Bob’s Burgers Movie (PATREON EARLY ACCESS)

During my recent trip to Miami to visit my best friend Q, we took his 8 year old daughter Zoe to see The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Then me and Zoe sat and talked about it. It’s a mini-episode that doesn’t feature a lot of puzzle pieces but we had a fun time talking about cartoon movies and spoiling some plot twists. The episode will hit the main feed when the film comes out on streaming but you can check it out early on Patreon!

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After 30 years, Phil Tippet’s work of mad stop-motion animated genius MAD GOD will be out on Shudder on June 17th. The same day our episode on the film featuring filmmaker Bradley Andrew will come out, but you can check it out early on Patreon!

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One of my favorite theatrical experiences of the year… I almost let this one slide, but I got enough requests for it so I had to circle back to Michael Bay’s AmbuLAnce… Joe Black returns to the podcast to discuss this wild ride of a film. The episode hits the main feed soon, but you can check it out early over on our Patreon!

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (PATREON Early Access)

At the beginning of the pandemic, many time co-host Ryan Daugherty was supposed to join me for an episode on Sonic The Hedgehog. It never happened. But I am nothing if not persistent and I finally got him back on the podcast two years later to talk about Sonic The Hedgehog 2! This episode will hit the main feed when the movie comes out on Paramount+ but is currently a Patreon Exclusive!

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The Northman (PATREON Early Access)

Our episode on Robert Eggers’ The Northman will be hitting the Piecing It Together main feed soon, but for now you can check it out exclusively on our Produced by David Rosen Patreon! The episode features Pete Abeyta from Middle Class Film Class.

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