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This summer, we’re excited to announce that, Piecing It Together Podcast will be doing THREE more Live Shows at Maya Cinemas here in Las Vegas, NV!

After two successful live podcast episodes on Cocaine Bear and Evil Dead Rise in which host David Rosen and his guests setup and recorded right in the theater after a screening of the film, we’re planning to expand on what we’ve been doing with these new live episodes and hope we’ll see you there!

The Blackening LIVE SHOW Flyer


First up, host David Rosen will be joined by Las Vegas Black Film Festival founder and filmmaker Ms Michelle, DJ/Rapper/Podcaster Mikey VIP and filmmaker Marlon Money Stephens for an episode on The Blackening. This horror comedy from director Tim Story (Barbershop, Think Like A Man, Ride Along) looks like a ridiculously fun time and should lead to lots of horror, comedy and horror comedy puzzle pieces to talk about.

More details about the show and guests will follow as soon as tickets are on sale!


Next, David Rosen will be joined by filmmaker Kris Krainock, film critic M.N. Miller and musician Brian Garth for Oppenheimer! One of the year’s most anticipated films, Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, Tenet) always makes movies that deserve to be seen in the theater and we’ll be excited to talk about this one and what movies might have inspired it.


Last but not least, David Rosen will be joined by Pawtastic Friends founders Michael & Melissa Novelli, film critic Toni Gonzales and David’s mom, Sunny Rosen to talk about the raunchy talking dog comedy Strays. This movie should be totally crazy and ridiculous with the voices of Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher and more playing a pack of rowdy, foul-mouthed dogs. And having a bunch of dog experts on the show only makes it that much more perfect

More news on all three of these live shows will be following soon as well as ways to win tickets. For now, just keep listening to the podcast, get subscribed if you’re not already, and follow us on social media!

Thank you to Maya Cinemas for inviting Piecing It Together to keep doing these live shows. Get more info about Maya Cinemas at https://www.mayacinemas.com/

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