The Beekeeper LIVE (Featuring Joe Black, Luella Chavez and Kris Mayeshiro)

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On the 350th episode of Piecing It Together, we are LIVE from Downtown Cinemas in Downtown Las Vegas with guests Joe Black, Luella Chavez and Kris Mayeshiro to talk about The Beekeeper! David Ayer and Jason Statham pack in the action and bee puns in an action movie that’s pretty much everything you could want from a story of an invincible beekeeper. Puzzle pieces include Boiler Room, Rambo: Last Blood, Mr. Nice Guy and The Lonely Island.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for The Beekeeper and the movies we discuss!

Written by Kurt Wimmer

Directed by David Ayer

Starring Jason Statham, Josh Hutcherson, Jeremy Irons, Phylicia Rashad, Jemma Redgrave


Joe Black is a filmmaker and has recently completed work on his latest, Natasha Hall: Suffrage.

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Kris Mayeshiro is an actor, stunt choreographer and visual artist.

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Luella Chavez is an actress and comedian.

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