Dolemite Is My Name (Featuring Josh Bell)

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On the 97th episode of Piecing It Together, Josh Bell joins me to discuss the return of Eddie Murphy in the Netflix Original, Dolemite Is My Name. A crowd-pleasing biopic of Rudy Ray Moore, it’s a fun movie about making movies. Puzzle pieces include the Disaster Artist, Ed Wood, Hustle & Flow, and Black Dynamite.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Dolemite Is My Name and the movies we discuss!

Director – Craig Brewer

Writer – Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski

Starring Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Keegan-Michael Key, Craig Robinson, Snoop Dogg, Tituss Burgess, Chris Rock


Josh Bell is a film critic whose work has been seen in the Las Vegas Weekly, Film Racket and more. Check out his website at

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