Avengers: Infinity War Super Episode

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On the 11th episode of Piecing It Together, we do something a little different… The biggest movie of all time, Avengers: Infinity War deserves a super sized episode, and that’s why we’ve assembled not the usual one co-host, but FIVE co-hosts to help piece together this fantastic Marvel superhero movie. If you don’t know what Avengers: Infinity War is, it’s only the culmination of 10 years of Marvel movies (all those Iron Man and Thor and Captain America movies were leading towards this). We catch up with the Avengers as super-villain Thanos is about to find the final Infinity Stones that will give him the power to wipe out half of the universe’s population. Only the Avengers can stop him… Or can they? Puzzle pieces include the films of Gary Marshall, Empire Strikes Back, Anime, Zack Snyder (you’re welcome Chad) and the Thanos Quest comics.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Avengers: Infinity War.


Joining me for this super sized episode are previous guests Ryan Daugherty, Chad Clinton Freeman, David Quinones and Will Hines, as well as first-time guest Daniel Clark of the Comic Concierge Podcast, a show I was recently a guest on.

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The song at the end of the episode is a piece made for a comic book trailer called “Ch05en” a few years back. I thought it would be appropriate to include in this episode.

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