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Thoroughbreds (Featuring Josh Bell)

On the 2nd episode of Piecing It Together, co-host Josh Bell and I discuss the new dark comedy Thoroughbreds. This Sundance 2017 hit finally got its theatrical release and is personally my favorite movie so far this year. Aside from American Psycho and Heathers (which are right on the pull-quote on the movie poster), other Puzzle Pieces mentioned include Strangers On A Train, The Witch, and Heavenly Creatures.

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Episode 1.5 (Special Episode)

In the first mini-episode (unless you count the intro Episode 0… But who would do that?), I take a look at how Episode 1 went, let you know what movie we’ll be covering in Episode 2, and preview a new song off my upcoming album A Different Kind Of Dream. Really though, I wouldn’t pay attention to what I say in this first mini-episode because I kind of rushed it for the sake of getting a new episode to test our podcast feed… Don’t worry, we’ll get this thing straight by next week.

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Annihilation (Featuring Chad Clinton Freeman)

On the 1st episode of Piecing It Together co-host Chad Clinton Freeman and I discuss the newest entry in the seemingly booming genre of “smart sci-fi” films… Alex Garland’s Annihilation. Puzzle Pieces include Alien, Arrival, The Thing and… Blair Witch 2?

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What It’s All About

In our test episode, Jewish Dave previews the newest podcast from All Points West and gives you a sneak peak behind how his revolving cast of guests and film experts will put together the pieces of what makes excellent movies.

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