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The Menu (Featuring Jason Harris)

On the 282nd episode of Piecing It Together, Jason Harris joins me to talk about The Menu. Jason is a foodie and food writer so he was a natural fit for this episode about a celebrity chef who lures a group of unsuspecting priveldged elite to eat at his island restaurant. Puzzle pieces include Pig, The Square, Bergman Island and The Devil Wears Prada.

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Babylon (Featuring Carson Timar)

On the 281st episode of Piecing It Together, Carson Timar joins me to talk about Damien Chazelle’s love/hate letter to Hollywood, Babylon. Puzzle pieces include Singin’ In The Rain, Boogie Nights, The Wolf of Wall Street and Dante’s Inferno.

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Strange World (Featuring Nguyen Le)

On the 280th episode of Piecing It Together, Nguyen Le joins me to talk about Disney’s latest adventure Strange World. An unfortunate disappointment in theaters, we both had fun with its old school charms. Puzzle pieces include Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Avatar, Osmosis Jones and Jumanji.

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Avatar: The Way Of Water (Featuring Shaun Alexander)

On the 279th episode of Piecing It Together, Shaun Alexander joins me to talk about the 13 years in development sequel, Avatar: The Way Of Water. James Cameron’s original is one of the biggest movies of all time, and we’ve all been waiting to see if he could do it again. Puzzle pieces include .

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Bones And All (Featuring Josie DeMarco)

On the 278th episode of Piecing It Together, Josie DeMarco joins me to talk about Bones And All. This bizarre lovers on the run story from Luca Guadagnino starring Timothee Chalamet and Taylor Russell adds a little twist… They’re cannibals… Puzzle pieces include Badlands, Near Dark, I’m A Cyborg But That’s OK and Natural Born Killers.

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