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2020 Movies – A Full Ranking

So by now hopefully you already listened to our special episodes on the Top 10 Narrative Films of 2020 (featuring Josh Bell and Jason Harris from Awesome Movie Year) and the Top 5 Documentaries of 2020 (featuring Jason Harris). Next up is another special episode featuring Josh Bell where we’ll be looking at our Top 10 First Time Watches of 2020 (older movies we watched for the first time). But first up, as I always do, my full ranking of all the new release movies I watched in 2020.

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2019 Movies – A Full Ranking

It’s that time of year again… Time to rank ALL the new release movies I saw in 2019. It’s a somewhat silly thing to attempt and quite frankly, once you get past #20, it all becomes kind of meaningless… But it’s always a fun thing to do.

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2019 So Far (A Full Ranking)

Hopefully you’ve already listened to my great conversation with Josh Bell about our Top 10 movies of 2019 (so far). But as promised, this blog post has a full ranking of all the 2019 releases I’ve seen this year. The ones that we covered on the show are clickable to take you to the episode, so make sure to watch these movies and then go give the episodes a listen!

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2018 Movies – A Full Ranking

As I always do, I’ve kept a running list of all the movies I saw this year… And ranked them all in order. We just did a Top 10 Movies of the Year Special Episode of the Podcast too which you definitely should listen to, but without further ado, here are all the movies I saw this year, in order (personal preference, not trying to rank them critically).

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