Bizzarro e Fantastico

On this special episode of Piecing It Together, many time returning co-host Kris Krainock comes back to talk about his own new film, Bizzarro e Fantastico. It’s a thoughtful and funny meditation on death that he shot on a recent trip to Europe. We get into some puzzle pieces and the process of making this 30 minute short.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Bizzarro e Fantastico and the movies we discuss!

Director – Kris Krainock
Writer – Kris Krainock
Starring Cosimo Tomaiuolo, Roberto Guadagnoli, Julie Zeno, Roman Lafond
Krainockian Pictures

Kris Krainock is a filmmaker and film fan.
You should check out Kris’ new website for info about him and his film projects
To get the chance to watch Bizzarro e Fantastico, contact Kris through his website, or just contact me and I’ll forward your message to him for a password.

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