Mandy (Featuring David Quinones)

On the 29th episode of Piecing It Together, returning co-host David Quinones and I discuss Mandy… A movie that promises the craziest Nicolas Cage performance you’ve ever seen, and actually pretty much delivers (well to be fair he’s got a TON of crazy performances to choose from so lets just say it lives up to his legacy). At its core it’s a revenge film about a man who goes after a religious cult after they murder his wife, but it’s much more than that and one of the most unique films to come along in a while. Puzzle pieces include Army of Darkness, The Wall, Tommy and Heavy Metal album covers.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Mandy (and any other movies we discussed)!

Also, be sure to join the #MandyChallenge by doing your best impression of the Nicolas Cage screaming while in his tidy whities scene from Mandy like we did!


Another entry in the #MandyChallenge Legion M Mandy Movie

Posted by Piecing It Together Podcast on Tuesday, September 25, 2018


After seeing Nic Cage's animalistic meltdown in Mandy Movie, I absolutely had to do my best impression of his feral-blood-soaked-tightie-whitie-toilet-seat-vodka-chugging-roaring for the #MandyChallenge. If you record your own, share it with Piecing It Together – A Movie Discussion Group and let me know!Shoutout to Casey Condon for the inspiration, and Cagefest for the shirt. Hope to see some other hosts of Piecing It Together Podcast do it soon!

Posted by Ryan CB Daugherty on Sunday, September 23, 2018


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