Eighth Grade (Featuring Jason Harris)

On the 25th episode of Piecing It Together, first time co-host Jason Harris and I discuss Eighth Grade, the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-felt new film from A24. The film from comedian and first time writer/director Bo Burnham follows 13 year old Kayla as she deals with Eighth Grade, growing up in today’s world and the always scary onset of High School, all while continuing to grow her YouTube video series. Puzzle pieces include Welcome to the Dollhouse, American Pie, Ingrid Goes West and The Squid & The Whale.

As always, SPOILER ALERT for Eighth Grade (and any other movies we discussed)!

Jason Harris is a writer and stand-up comedian (not just here in Las Vegas).
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About the Author
David Rosen is an award-winning music composer and producer who composes music for film and TV as well as his albums of instrumental music. He also hosts the Piecing It Together podcast and is the co-host of the Bird Road Podcast here on the All Points West Network.

2 comments on Eighth Grade (Featuring Jason Harris)

  1. April says:

    I wonder if it really is this way though. The whole time I kept thinking “what if this is our perception of what our teens go through – but really it’s not like that?”

    I remember seeing a few movies in my teens that tried to mimic what it was like for me in school at that time… but it was so off and so dramatic. So I question this movie only in its validity.

    As far as a movie, From a filmmaking stand point, I thought it was fantastic. Well done. Good footage and great editing.

    I think my only frustration was the length of time the director chose to wait per scene in all the really awkward scenes. I felt like I wanted to fast forward so often because I already “got it” – I knew what the movie was going for emotionally, so much that it became overwhelming – and maybe that was the point 😉 ?

    Otherwise, it worked.

    I think if I would criticize it at all it would be for portraying what we all already think it must be like for teens right now… – so that makes me question it so much for perhaps being too gimmicky. Did the filmmaker plan it to be so perfect?

    Then again, in its best moments it definitely steered away from being TOO cliche! Even though it pretty much touched on all the bases of sex, friendship, family relationships, self esteem, attraction and reflection.

    Anyhow I’d say about 3/5

    1. David Rosen says:

      Hey April! Glad you listened to the episode! I don’t think it was at all cliche. I think that’s what made it so great. The only thing cliche is in the fact that it’s based off something real so it’s easy to compare it to things that have come before, but I think it’s entirely original in it’s approach to the subject matter. And as for being too perfect, I think that’s exactly why it’s not cliche… It’s just very real. Not too dark or too bright. It’s in an awkward middle 🙂

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